Last but not the least…

So, yeah, who doesn’t have an imaginary award receiving speech prepared at the back of their heads? Standing in front of my bathroom mirror, hair brush the mic, and I take off thanking each and everyone who brought me…there.

I’d say bad eating habits, but then it’d get censored.

The award I pretend I receive is of the best book of the year, Let It Fall. The main thing in my speech is, “I haven’t really prepared a speech.”. Seriously, I have no idea why I say that, but it just rolls of my tongue, at least thrice in the speech. Then I go off with a long “ummm”, as if I’m thinking, and start thanking people.

The first I thank is my God, who’s made capable. I say a few words about Him and how I owe Him every single breath of mine. Then comes the name of my beautiful mother–my biggest supporter. Then my father. I don’t particularly thank him, but say that he would have been so proud if he was here at the moment. I thank my publishing agency, my editors, my beta-readers, critics and everyone who’s helped me.

Then comes, “Last but not the least”. This is what I say: “And last, but not the least, I’m obliged to thank each and every single reader of mine, every person who read my book, and told me what they thought about it. Thank you guys!”

These aren’t my last words, though. My last words go something like this: “It’s not us, but your support that brings us here on this stage. It’s you. Thank you!”

*Cheers*. Did you like that? I would love to read your “last but not the least”. Please, comment below with your phrases that you say in the end of your award accepting speech.

With that being said, let me update you with Let It Fall news. I’m sure, you’d want to kill me after reading this, but I’m still on the draft. I have my exams coming, and it’s really hard to keep up with everything. Also, I’m looking for some guest posts, so if you’re interested please send me an email with your idea, on, and if you’re accepted, I’d let you know. (I will not accept advertisements of any kind. A writing related post is preferred.)

Till then, enjoy the excerpt below from Let It Fall till the book finally airs. (In case you’ve missed it, check out the Behind The Name of Let It Fall.)


He gulped looking around once more but then back at Giselle in an instance. “Giselle, what if I tell you…” His voice lingered as he stared at her powerfully. “…that you are not safe with me.”

Her eyebrows merged, and then she chuckled at his claim, rolling her eyes. “Stop acting like one of those heroes from the books, where they end up being the most amazing guys, underestimating themselves. It’s not charming anymore.”

He waited, ignoring her claim.

Not getting a reply from Xavier, she said after heaving a sigh, “I know I’m safe with you, Xavier.”

He looked down, up again, and then spoke, “I am not…your typical prince.”

She sighed again, and dragged her body around till she was right in front of him, sitting cross-legged. “A girl doesn’t want a prince, but a guy who can treat her as his princess.”

“What if that guy,” Xavier turned around too facing her, and continued, “who treats you as a princess is the man wearing a black cape?”

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