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Sleaze. A wonderfully written novel about a to-be director Parker Jennings, who realizes what world he is stepping into after he meets Sophie Winters—the upcoming Hollywood star. But wait, there is more to it. Sophie is famous for being spoiled. Parker works for a talent agency as an intern. He is yet to be set on the mission to get Sophie a big contract, which is almost impossible due to Sophie’s reputation.Various themes have been covered. From friendship to hatred. From new relations to the broken ones. From drama to laughter.

If you’ve been with me through my last reviews, you’d be familiar with this phrase, “The book was good, but it didn’t keep me up all night.” Well, guys, I have finally found a book that keeps me up all night. Lia—the author—is my new favorite. *Cheers*

What I Liked was how the author flipped “show, don’t tell” into a new category: Show—third person POV. Show plus tell—first person POV. They say that it’s hard to “show” when writing in first person POV, so what an author does, is “show” as much as he can, and “tell” the rest. Lia—the author of Sleaze—nailed it. I felt everything Parker felt. From guilt to pleasure, from sadness to happiness—every single emotion.

Scott was my favorite character. Why? Because he’s so real. Though Parker is the main character, Scott just really fascinates me. He is the kind of person, anyone would want to hang out with.
The second most “real” character was Michael’s. What a character created by Lia! Kudos. Even though he’s that bossy, bitchy kind of person, but a reader can’t help but want to read more about him, and what he’s planned. In a good way.

On to the story now: It was the kind of book I loved reading—and that’s saying something, since I’m one hell of a picky reader. I always wanted to know what happened to Parker. What would he be thinking right now? What was Sophie doing right now? I even had a phase in which I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking what would happen next.

My favorite part of the book, most certainly, was the time when they spent their vacations at Parker’s house. The family problems, chats, laughs—it was all so real. Every book I read, I usually see things like, “My mother hated me!” or “My father was a drunk!” So, reading about a happy family, actually made me feel better in so many ways.

Oh, and I also, completely loved it when Scott tried to recall his sign. I could just hear him saying, “Are you serious? Dude, I’m not a girl, why the hell would I know that? Ah, I don’t know. Aquarius?” LOL, that cracked me up. It was phrase that kept repeating in my head for hours.

This book made me laugh and made me tear up. I laughed with every joke cracked and smiled with every cute scene. My eyes began tearing up when Richard came along. Parker must really mean something to me.


In short, I couldn’t put it down. I kept turning the pages. However, there were parts which kind of bored me. Lia’s descriptions were great; entertaining, but sometimes when the chain grew longer, it made me wanna stop and just go to sleep. So, that impact the author had to keep me up all night, dimmed a bit with a few boring, unnecessary paragraphs.

I like the cover. It’s Sophie there, right? It confused me, though. When the story started, I imagined the girl on the cover speaking, naturally. The starting confused me, and you really don’t want that—to confuse the reader. So, the only thing that’s needed here is either a different cover, or the mention or a sign that it’s a man speaking. No, the blurb doesn’t help. Cover is more important.

Note: The story hasn’t been completed yet. Yes, it’s free. Yes, it’s on Wattpad, and Lia is updating it slowly. I’m on chapter 27—the last one posted so far. I’ll be sticking through the end, because it’s one hell of a book.

I recommend this to every single reader out there, if they’re looking for a free, addictive kinda book. And I don’t think that I can compare this book to anything I’ve read before. I personally believe in the phrase, “I don’t want to be the second J.K. Rowling; I want to be the first Munazza Bangash.” Yes, I made that up.

Last, but not the least, my rating for this book: 4.8

TO READ: Click the cover below:

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