Guest Post: People Who Continue to Insult the Islamic Prophet

Bestselling author: Kevin Weinberg is here to share his thoughts/rant on a topic that’s pretty common now days. 
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Let me start by saying that I’m neither Muslim nor Arabic, and I also have no family members who believe in Islam. With that being said, I’m really getting fed up with the constant attitude among today’s generation, who think they’re “cool” because they insult the Islamic Prophet.

Now, one of the biggest misconceptions about Muslims, which I see on a daily basis, is that people seem to think they don’t have a sense of humor. Let me tell you from experience that this is bullshit. I have made tons of friends since entering college who are Muslim, and every last one of them can not only take a joke, but can deliver some of the most offensive, raunchy humor to ever grace my ears.

So why do people have this idea in their mind that Muslims are uptight and violent? Because douchebags continue to do the one single thing in the entire world that can upset them—insult their prophet.

Let’s take a step back and examine this. And not from a moral perspective, but from a “manly” one. If you need to attack someone’s weak spot to get a rise out of them, then you’re a pussy, plain and simple. Insulting the Islamic prophet is no different than kicking a guy in his broken leg. It’s the one thing that you know will upset them, the one thing they simply can’t look past, and by doing it just to prove you can, you make yourself look like a whiny, obnoxious bitch.

I’ve gotten to know many different people from many different walks of life, and among those of my friends who are either Arabic or Muslims, I’ve never once seen any of them react violently or harshly towards being insulted. In fact, it’s almost shocking how much LESS sensitive they are to being insulted than most people are.

I once got into a vicious argument with my friend, Noor, from my university. We exchanged some pretty hefty insults. Now, I usually count myself as someone who can spit venom with the best of them, but this guy never so much as frowned, let alone showed the slightest hint of anger, while I, on the other hand, was ready to pull the hair out of my head with some of the creative name-calling Noor came up with.

Those of you who either have Muslim friends/family or are themselves Muslim probably know this—Muslims have a great sense of humor, except when you do the one thing in the world that really, really hurts them—it’s cowardice.

So, I wonder—is it so unreasonable to ask people not to do one single thing? I’m not trying to be preachy here and say, “Love thy fellow man.” Seriously, if you’ve got an issue with someone—whether they’re Muslim or otherwise—feel free to call them a fucking asshole and flip them your middle finger. Hell,  I’ve got no objection with that. But (and this is key) if they are in fact Muslim, don’t be a prick and insult their prophet. It’s such a low, dirty blow. It’s a cheap shot, and despite how they’re often portrayed by the media, I think you’ll be surprised by how resilient many of them are to insults.

So anyway, in conclusion, don’t be a twat. If you’ve got some shit you need to say against someone who’s Muslim, then show some guts and insult THEM, not their prophet.  Focus your insults on them as an individual, not someone who can’t insult you back.

Kevin says for himself,

Kevin Weinberg is a 25-year old computer science programmer slash writer slash anime aficionado. When he was in the third grade, he won an award for “biggest worrier” and then worried he didn’t deserve it. He likes and hates everything depending on the day of the week, and he’s at the complete mercy of whatever character happens to be running around his head at any given time.”

Questing Sucks is his bestselling Epic Fantasy novel with Five Stars on Amazon. Proudly presenting you the blurb:

Sehn is an Elf, but he’s not like the others: he’s rude, vicious, and all around nasty. His only wish is to conquer the world and enslave its population. Yet to his shame, he learns he must be the one to save it.

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You can reach him on Wattpad or at his blog

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