Meet Giselle Beaumont

Giselle Beaumont from Let It Fall. Who else just love to talk about his/her characters? Or talk to the character. Today, I’m here to introduce you all to my most favorite character; Giselle Beaumont from my ever favorite novel that I’m writing (will be published one day).

Twenty years old. Studying Psychology.  Prolong face. Emerald green eyes, framed by middle length eye lashes. Straight hair is the darkest shade of brown that appears to be light when in sun. Simple lips, but due to the care she takes, they’re a pretty shade of pink. Cute little nose. Not pale, not tanned either. She has rosy skin, as if she’s blushing all the time; though she’s not. High forehead. Plucked brows. Vampire pointy teeth that she extremely hates but fears the dentists, so she hasn’t done anything about her not so straight teeth.

Lives in London and is the daughter of an established businessman. She doesn’t have any friends except one; Chris Armor. No, she’s not in love with him. Giselle is in love with Xavier Schneider who lives in Exmoor. Her mother is dead, who her father loved to the core of his heart. She had died when Giselle was sixteen. They had been visiting her grave to her hometown ever since. It was her request to bury her in her hometown. That’s when Giselle met Xavier.

Her favorite pastime is playing video games with Chris, playing badminton or eating chocolate. Key word; eating chocolate. She thinks that she can sing but is very wrong about it. She wanted to be a singer, but since she sucked at it and her father didn’t let her, she couldn’t achieve the dream. And after some time passed, she laughed at herself. So hard.


That’s about it! Do you know why I wrote this? Because I had absolutely nothing to write about. I think… I think I’m having a writer’s block! 😥


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