Appearance, Intelligence or Personality?

Appearance. Intelligence. Personality. Three main things I look for in a character or a person in general. A question arises in almost every mind, and I got confused for a while too regarding the priority of the traits. Which one among appearance, intelligence and personality is more important? What appeals the most? While creating a character, which trait must be given most attention to?

I found my answer, but in order to understand the whole situation, let’s look into these words. These three important words in creating a lovable, inspirational character. But, of course, just that wouldn’t make for an interesting, realistic character. There gotta be some flaws; there gotta be some real traits. This is only one aspect of a character, we’re going to discuss. Let’s forget creating a character for a while, and look at the real person (which eventually will lead you to creating a realistic character). What do you look for in a real person?

Appearance—the first thing that you see in a person. Appearance here doesn’t mean the eyes, the nose, and the lips. It doesn’t mean wearing short dresses and stilettos. It isn’t being beautiful, ugly or cute. Appearance is not just considered the physique, but also the way a person holds himself, the way they walk, the talks; their words, their gestures, and everything else of that sort. Appearance is how a person values himself—how he keeps himself. First impression is the last impression. Appearance is important for a person to get that first impression right.

Intelligence—well, where is saying no to that? Intelligence has been defined in many different ways such as in terms of one’s capacity for logic, abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, communication, learning, emotional knowledge, memory, planning, and problem solving. Intellectual abilities are very important. How can a person lead a life without making the right decisions for him and his family? A person without intelligence can be entertaining at some point, but sometimes annoying.

You with me?

Personality—the word is derived from the Latin persona, the mask or costume an actor used to denote the character he played. Personality would here mean the behavior by which an individual reveals himself. The way he acts due to the influence of different stimuli—external things or events that evoke reactions.

That being said, let’s consider the question asked earlier. So, what’s important, appearance, intelligence or personality? I ask you guys. Comment below and let us know what you think is more important and what you look for in a person, and what you think is more important than the other.

As for me, the personality is the most important of all, but with no intelligence behind, the personality alone will rarely make a person lovable. Intelligence paired with bad personality makes the person repulsive, while appearance is there to make you actually want to get to know the person more. Intelligence, behind a good personality and the appearance to reveal it—this makes for a lovable, inspirational person.

Thank you all for stopping by and letting me share my thoughts, please comment below to let us know about your views.

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