How about a shot at photography?

My motto in life is that I want to be able to do anything and everything. Well, most of the things. Last time, I gave a shot at poetry, which you guys didn’t like at all (Just kidding! I’m awesome.) and today, I’m giving a shot at Photography. I have some of the photographs taken which I’m gonna share here. You’re the judge. Do let me know what mistakes I’m making!


My college used to have this tree and I was just walking with my phone, camera on. It was spotted, and I couldn’t help but gather one more memory of my college.



A dedicated writer and book worm. Best friends. Together over another writer’s book.


Okay, so that was one of the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen and I had to take a pic. I mean,look at it. It’s beautiful. My college.


Pakistan’s street covered with mist. Foggy weather, and I’m on my way towards college. It had been a wonderful time. Early in the morning, van in its speed, cool weather. Damn, I miss it!
IMG_20131121_071414 IMG_20131121_071431

That’s about it! Go on and ramble on what a bad photographer I am, ’cause I know 😀

So, who else just loves to belly dance? No…? Okay.


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