In between—(A shot at poetry)

Would she ever get past dusk?
Would she ever get past nights?
Stuck midway is she hanging.
Half up, half down, creeps and frights…

Watches as he turns around.
Recalls how she was a queen.
Struggles but now she is bound.
She knows she’s stuck in between.

Up high she sees the white clouds.
Down low the hot burning souls.
Darkness and there are no crowds.
Going through different dark holes…

“Please, please,” she cries, “don’t let me.”
The darkness spreads all the way.
Sinful she was, all agree.
Now, Obey! Obey! Obey!

Tries to let go but cannot—
she cannot let go just now.
In between now she is caught.
For sinful life she’s led on.

She’s burning, burning, burning—
then it stops and it pleases.
Past every bad, she’s smiling.
And off she bursts like phoenix.


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