How Guys Think—Tristan Mackenzie

Tristan Mackenzie from Heart-Colored Envy is here to share his thoughts. If any of you don’t know what this means, read my earlier post, Taking Character’s Voice to a Whole New Level.  To read the chapter from which this “blog post” is extracted, Click me.
I’ll leave you all to him now. Enjoy!

I welcome you all to How Guys Think with this new post. How are you beautiful girls doing out there? Me? Yeah, I’m fine, just the usual. Upon many requests, I’m here to continue my advice posts, and so today’s topic is, ‘Self-Respect’. Let’s begin.

Self-respect is where one proves through their actions that they are worthy of somebody else’s respect. I’ve seen many girls throwing themselves at guys. Not literally, but enough to make a statement. It’s supposed be us who flirt with you. Confidence is sexy, so is flirting back. But, blushing is beautiful.

I’ve heard from my elders that women in their time used to be very reserved and modest. That, guys used to think a hundred times before saying anything to a girl. That when a girl walked in front of a group of guys, her eyes would stay low and it would take their breath away. Now, as we see, what have girls become…I don’t have words. You’re not desperate. You’re beautiful. You’re marriage material.

Girls! Giving guys an easy opportunity to break your heart would not only make you feel bad about yourself, but make you look ugly in the groups around. It is better to displease people by doing what is right rather than to temporarily please them by doing what you know is wrong. Don’t let yourself go like that. You’re beautiful, you all are. Flaunting your sexuality would just eat up your modesty.

Be like a sun, shinning so bright, no one dares to look you in the eyes, and not like a moon. Pretty, yes, but what’s so mysterious when whoever wants to see you, they just snap their eyes up and take in all of you. Respect yourself, and the world will respect you.

That’s it for today! Share your thoughts.
How guys think!


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