FREE ebook—Heart-Colored Envy—Trailer, blurb, cover and link!

From a beautiful love story, to the most unforgivable murder.

Famous blogger, Tristan Mackenzie, is identified by none, yet known by the whole world. Incomparable in the school for his good looks, seeing so many girls flutter around him, he writes articles about what guys look for in girls. He’s never been in love, but tables turn on Kate when he falls for her sister, violet.

‘Cause, jealousy kills… literally.


Everybody, check out my new book. It’s free till I change my mind. Updates will by coming on Wattpad, so go on click the Cover below. It will lead you to the story. Hope you all like it!

P.s, Shannon, I figured it out! Yay! I just copied the embed under the video. How can I not notice it before? By the way, the ‘add media’ didn’t work, but this did! Thought, I’d let you know. Thanks for helping me. Love you!


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