New Theme Review

Before starting this review, I would like to mention that I just posted “Hold On” to Smashwords…and it’s FREE. So, go on guys, you can get a free copy, HERE.

Now, on to the review!

So, if you guys visit my page, you’d see that I have changed my theme, and let me announce, I love it! It’s the kind of theme I had been looking for, and the thing is that it’s free! Now, who doesn’t like free stuff?

What I love most about this theme is that it gives the blog sort of a magazine look. Full posts always bothered me. I always wanted a theme which displayed my posts as links with little summaries. One more feature that I absolutely love is that I can feature my posts by just tagging it with a word I choose. I chose, “writing”, by the way, if any of you is wondering. I also love featuring image. It looks so professional. So organized. Just the way I like it.

However, the pros always carry cons with them. What I don’t like is how little choice I have with the colors. I can get premium catalog, but come on now, money? LOL. No, no.

Other than that, I fell in love with this theme, and I suggest to all the writers out there who want a professional and inviting look for their blog, go for Expound.

This is it for today, hope you guys liked the review written in merely ten minutes. 😛

Take care, ya all!


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