Taking Character’s voice to a whole new level

Okay, now, please don’t consider this to be a serious post. I mean, if it’s me…nothing can stay serious. *Winks*But, I’m not here to talk about this.

Every writer knows about character’s voice. If the characters don’t have a unique voice, they seem boring and dull, and, well, not real. But I’m not here to talk about that either. It’s about me, taking it to a whole new level on this blog.


Who here knows about my new novel; Heart-Colored Envy? No one? *Sighs* Thanks for boosting my ego, guys, thank you! Anyway, it’s about a guy who secretly runs a blog telling the girls of the whole world what guys want to see in them. Now, who doesn’t want to read about that? You must be wondering how stupid I am; he tells the world and he keeps it a secret? Well, the joke is on you. He just doesn’t reveal his name. So there! *Sticks tongue out?* However, it’s not the only thing that’s going on in the story, but, that’s also not what I’m here to talk about . I’m here to introduce you all to Tristan Mackenzie; the protagonist of Heart-Colored Envy with his blog. Yep! His blog.

Taking the character’s voice to a whole new level, here, means that I’m going to post here on my blog all the things “he” posts on “his” blog. Get it? In the book, almost every chapter contains a new post from him. So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to “make him” post the blogs HERE, entitled, “How Guys Think”.

Yes. You heard me—or read me—it—LOL.

Here is his first post. Click me

Oh, and I haven’t been on for quite some time now and I thought that it was time for me to get some inspiration, and start a new continuous posts…something. However, not having inspiration wasn’t the only reason that I wasn’t here. Exams. I know, right? Torture. (But when exams include Psychology, they often become pretty interesting.) So, that’s the reason for me not to be here. My exams are soon to be started. In a month or two. So, I gotta study.

Anyway, share your thoughts on this. I’d really like to know if all you people would like Tristan Mackenzie to guest post here every week. It’s gonna start as soon as I start posting the chapters for this story on Wattpad.

If this goes well, I might make all of my other main characters (who don’t have a blog) to “guest post” here. Cool, huh? I JUST got this idea! Oh my god, I have so much to do! Okay, now please excuse me while I dance around with my laptop. This is so cool! Bye!


The writer has gone mad.


All the credits for images goes to Google Images.


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