S. W. Blayde — Great Author, Great Novel!

Check out Sanford William Blayde’s first ever Novel to be published. Give him some feedback. It has been posted on Wattpad, and he needs feedback (there are other ways to give him feedback if not on Wattpad). He has some questions that you guys can help him with, before he can submit his book to the publisher.

I have been a beta reader to this whole book and I’m in love with it; ups, downs, bumps! You guys have got to check out the first chapter he’s posted on Wattpad. Give him feedback, either by commenting there, here or send him a message on Wattpad!

Sanford William Blayde is mainly a short story writer, who’s recently finished a full-length novel. His main genre is Erotica; and he’s too darn good at it! He hasn’t titled the novel yet, so on Wattpad you’d find it “Untitled”. But, you’d like it.

Go for it if you like professional novels, you like to criticize or review, or you like erotica/romance.

Don’t go for it if erotica novels make you uncomfortable.

There is really no other reason to not like his book! Please, go and give him feedback!

Remember, you help others and when it’s your time, people will help you. Go on and please, give him some feedback.

Love you all!
Munazza Bangash


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