You need the world, and the world needs good people. Shannon A. Thompson


Shannon A. Thompson

Author of: Timely Death Triology

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  I’m Shannon A. Thompson, and I’ve been writing since I read every novel my local bookstore had to offer me. To be honest, I live within my daydreams and nightmares; through that, I have learned to create, and I never cease from doing so.

Hello, Shannon and welcome to Desirable Purity!

Thank you for having me!

-Without any more delay, we should start off with this little interview. I’d start with the inner life of this author. You ready, Shannon?

Oh! I hope so.

-Say something about yourself. Something about your inner life.

I’m a coffee-loving insomniac because I’m always stuck in my fantasies. When I was younger, I moved around a lot, so I was really lonely. I believe that’s when I fell into my imagination. I just never came out of it, and I don’t think I ever will “grow up” and leave my creativity behind. If I want to color in a princess book, I will. If I want a stuffed teddy bear on my bed, I’ll do it. If I enjoy wearing combat books with my dresses, I am strapping on the boots. Life is too short to allow the world to dictate what is the normal way to live our lives.

– Tell me, Shannon, what is the secret behind that beautiful face?

My secret? I have lots of secrets. (Cue the adorable laughter that could potentially be heard as evil.)

-Who gets more attention, you or Bogart; the kitten, by your family, friends and readers?

Bogart is loved more than he knows. It isn’t rare for me to open my messages to see one of my followers asking me how he is doing. But the black cat simply sleeps behind me, oblivious to his effect on the world. But I enjoy it when he takes time out of his day to blog on rare occasions. (He’s normally too busy eating or staring at birds through the foggy window.)

-The best moment of your life? Apart from your writing career.

Sitting out in nature, simply enjoying how quiet the world can be. I find stillness to be a beautiful thing because it allows for peace to settle inside.

-Life’s biggest tragedy?

My mother’s sudden death was very hard on me – and still has effects to this day, especially during those BIG moments, like my college graduation or my publications.

-What is life to you, Shannon? 

Life is about finding your passion and using it in order to make the world a better place. You don’t have to affect the entire world. Just the bit around you.

-Biggest lesson? 

We don’t live forever. Seriously. I know that sounds obvious, but I think it isn’t until you truly lose someone very, very close to you that you realize how quickly life can end. There’s often no warning. We can’t procrastinate on life with thoughts of tomorrow, because tomorrow doesn’t come eventually.

-What plans do you have ahead of Bachelors? Masters in English, maybe?

For now, I am not returning to school. I am working for my publisher as well as continuing to be an author. I plan on exploring even more genres outside of my young-adult persona. I recently received news that more of my poetry will be published in a magazine, for instance.

-You were sixteen when you published your first novel; November Snow; it’s in SciFi.
Beautiful start to Minutes before Sunset; the novel is more of Psychological type.
Tell me, Shannon, what are you more interested in? English Literature, Science, Psychology or something else? We’d love to know.

Psychology fascinates me. I often find myself reading more medical journals and memoirs than anything else. That being said, I love literature, but I did study it for the past five years straight, so I believe I’m taking a slight break on it.

-Where do you write? Show us your desk. (Don’t clean it up)

deskshot3414I write at my desk, but I also love writing in public. I currently spend time at a local hookah house, but here’s my current desk picture. Seriously. I just took it. I apologize for the dim lighting, but I always hang out in dark places.

– If you had to choose between being a writer or poet, what would you choose?

Oh, don’t make me sad. I cannot chose between those. Aren’t they essentially the same? A poet is a writer, after all.

-Please, share a small verse of poetry with us that you’ve recently written. (It would be amazing if we could hear it)

Okay. Okay. Here’s a small verse I have never shared before. It’s from my poem, “Deniable.”

The motionless swallow

Of a corrupted clam,

Blinded by moonlight,

Doesn’t want to heal.

-Where do you get your ideas from?

Sleep. Seriously. My dreams are still filled with an insane about of drama and wonderment. It’s probably why I’m still an insomniac. It’s nearly impossible to fall asleep after waking up from my dreams.

– Who’s your inspiration?

If I had to choose an author that I admire, Meg Cabot would be my first. She’s fearless but also fun.

-Your favorite from your own works?

I wish I could share, but it isn’t published yet. Out of my publications, I think I still have a soft heart for November Snow. I plan on rewriting it in order to release it again one day.

-Do any of your stories feature you as a character? 

I don’t believe so, but I’ve had a few friends mention likenesses in my characters.

-What would you like to say to those who see you as an inspiration?

I would first tell them how grateful I am, but I would mainly tell them that they can do whatever they want to do. They can be the inspiration.

-Your secret behind that much success in writing industry?

I knew that secrets question would come back to haunt me. Just kidding. I don’t believe I have a “secret” but I know that my blog has greatly helped me connect with fellow writers and readers. In fact, my current publisher found me through my blog, so I would suggest to any aspiring writer to start one.

-Advertising. It’s the main focus after (or before) publishing a book. As we see, your books have gained much attention, which would be new to an indie author. Would you like to share some of your advertising tips and tricks with us? Aside from being your book one of the best.

I work really hard to stay in contact with any and all book reviewers. I submit to new book reviewers that I admire, and I follow other bloggers that interest me. I also try to keep everything positive, entertaining, and/or informative. (Sometimes, all three at the same time.)

-What gained you more success, ebooks or paperback?

Ebooks so far, but I love, love, LOVE having my paperback in my hands. It’s just the greatest feeling to hold a physical copy in your hands.

-You once said that Minutes Before Sunset was award winning. What awards have you gotten so far? Including all of your publications.

Minutes Before Sunset won Goodreads Book of the Month for General Fiction in July of 2013. It was also nominated for Book of the Month on NovelUnity. I was also featured on Freshly Pressed on WordPress for writing Censorship of Self-Published Writers or Something Else?

I’ve received many nominations from WordPress bloggers – which I definitely appreciate – but I think the biggest award is meeting new writers or getting opportunities to speak to those that I admire. For instance, I have always admired SofieSund’s photography. To be accepted as a poet in her magazine is a beautiful gift for my writer’s soul.

Click me

-Your feelings about being a part of ‘A Stellar Collection’? What is the thought behind writing, Sean’s Bullet?

Sean’s Bullet was probably the most difficult piece of writing I completed. The story is about a boy who joins the military on the basis that he believed it would give him a purpose, a way to become a man that was admired. I based the story off of real-life stories I’ve heard from soldiers, which was another reason it was such an emotional piece for me. I wanted to represent everyone fairly – with respect and honesty.

-Where to find your books?

Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords, Apple, basically everywhere books are sold.

-A paragraph from Minutes before Sunset.

“I flew through the shadows and reappeared in front of her. My body heat escaped me, and she froze, completely petrified by my closeness. I laid my hand on her cheek, expecting her to disappear like any of Camille’s illusions, but she didn’t. She was real, and we were centimeters apart, teetering over the edge of the river.” – From Eric’s perspective in Chapter Two

-Which social network has satisfied you the most regarding success?

My website is definitely my favorite place to be. I have been blessed to be able to meet so many people through it – all while sharing my thoughts and experiences as I dive deeper into the publisher world as an author, blogger, poet, and publisher employee.

-As far as I know, you’ve once been featured on ‘Freshly Pressed’ on WordPress. How did you, for our fellow authors, get so far? The secret behind your success on WordPress?

I began my website in September of 2012. I started off as an entertainment reviewer, and then I put my first novel back on the market, and I started talking about my experiences in the publishing industry in 2007 compared to how it changed in 2012. I also made sure to follow, read, and comment on other blogs pertaining to the same subjects I wrote about. Networking is the key.

-As we see in the “event” there is one after other achievement. Tell us, did it come naturally? Did you have to advertise, work harder than you actually worked on your novel? Did you just sat back and let it all happen? Or did you join book clubs and all as an indie author?

I definitely don’t sit around and wait for interview and review requests to poor in. Authors must be proactive. I make sure to send review and interview requests out to bloggers that inspire me. I have also made it a point to thank every celebrity who has quoted me, while also remaining in contact with them. I am very grateful for all the support I have received, but we must show it often.

-14,000 followers! Great news, huh? What are you rewarding your fans with?

It was great news! I am so happy. I plan on doing a signed paperback giveaway soon. I know it’s been a while, but I will announce it this month.

-What would you say, to being a beta reader?

Be honest. I love my beta readers, and I don’t know where I would be without them. They clear my head when it gets overwhelmed and pull me back when I get to close. They refine my coal-mind to be a beautiful diamond for readers to enjoy.

-Best way to connect with you?

I’m always available at for whatever reason. I love chatting!

-Last but not the least, would you like to be my friend? Aren’t I a little too adorable to be ignored?

I thought we were already friends! You are adorable. Thank you for chatting with me! Let’s catch up again soon.

Okay, dear people! Go and check out her books. She’s one of the most amazing authors out there. Also, go and follow her amazing blog.
Glad to have you here, Shannon!

Till next time, -take care!


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