Essentials for a Perfect Woman — Part 1

Essentials for a perfect woman.

First of all, let me say this, A very very happy woman’s day to all you beautiful ladies out there! Hope you all are doing well and that you’re being treated like a princess, or a queen.

Essentials for a Perfect Woman is a series of posts that I’m going to write about what woman should have in her. If you’re the shy type, bold type, independent, or dependent, you are perfect! Never think that you’re not worth it, because when God made you, He made sure that you were one of His most beautiful creations.

So, a perfect woman. There are some qualities that a perfect woman must have. A woman with a bad mouth isn’t that perfect, now, is she? So, here I am to pin point some of the most important things a woman should have. If you have that in you, furnish it. If you don’t have that in you, then what are you waiting for?

Today’s essential that I’m gonna discuss is:



Beauty. This has become the culture of every person out there today. But, it’s taken wrongly. It can be so exhausting seeing all those gorgeous celebrities out there whom never seem to get old, stays beautiful, never out of shape and all the things that one ever wants to be. Well, I would have been that too if it was the requirement of my job. Breaking news: it isn’t. But you know what? You gotta be beautiful for the love of it.

Beauty doesn’t mean having a petite figure and perfect skin tone. I believe, it’s the glow that attracts everyone. Every girl is beautiful, she just has to nourish it.

Follow me through this below.

The intake:

You’re what you eat.

The health of every organ affects our appearance. Just as eating well can keep our heart in tip-top shape, we can shave years off our looks if we chew the right things. —

First and the most important thing for the beauty treatment is not applying cream, not going to the beauty-parlor and definitely not just to think about it. It’s the intake. It’s what you eat.

  •  Green is good. If you want a fit body and beautiful skin and hair, eat vegetables. Eat as much salad as you can. It doesn’t have a side effect, right? So go for it, ’cause it will never be regrettable.

  • Who can forget fruits? Fruits are very important for a beautiful skin, body and hair. If you want glow in your skin, go for fruits and fresh juice. One month of fruits, you’ll see the difference.

  • Water. Water. Water. Hydrated skin is happy skin. Drink as much water as you can. At least, eight glasses per day.

  • What not to take. Alcohol. Smoking. And other disastrous things that are, well, destroying you!

Okay, now… To be very specific about what to eat, visit, Choose Foods That Help Maintain Your Beauty, ’cause lets face it, I’m no nutritionist.

The outtake:

Two palms are needed for it to clap. With a world full of pollution, just the intake won’t work. You’d have to apply something on that skin of yours, right? Lets see what.

For skin: (Very basics)

  • Cleanser. Cleanse your skin every night. Never sleep with make-up on; it would ruin your skin.

  • Moisturizer. Moisturize your skin in the morning, evening, before going out, after coming in. Well, all time. Especially before going to sleep. Moisturize your face, neck, arms and legs before going to sleep. You have no idea how this can fix you skin.

  • Scrub. Yes, you need that. Every once a week, scrub that dead skin of yours. Apply the scrub, let it be. Once, half dried, scrub in circular motion and rinse it off.
  • Sunblock. Doesn’t need much introduction, now, does it?

For Hair: (Basics)

  • Shampoo. Of course, you use that. I just wanna say that don’t use it everyday!

  • Conditioner: Not every time you wash your hair, but still. Use it once a week.

  • What not: Dryer, straightener, curler. Don’t use these things everyday. Maybe, once in a month, or in parties or weddings. NOT everyday!

For Body:

  • Exercise. Now, everyone says that, so know that it’s that important. Get to work, don’t just sit there all day. Work out, girl! You don’t need to have a slim figure, but a healthy and a fit body is important. So, exercise, and look younger.

  • Eat healthy. See the intake section.

What’s important in the outtake is that you gotta spend some money. Never use something that’s not gonna give you any benefit, giving you that side-effect instead. So, spend some money and search before you buy something for that skin of yours. Don’t blame anything if it doesn’t suit your skin; it was your mistake.

Woman is a blend of beauty and brains who can put all things right!

What else? I don’t know, I’m tired!

Stay tuned for the next post. I might post once about Make-up in this genre. I would have added it here but God knows how tired I am…and it’s getting long.

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That’s about it.

Oh, and Happy Women’s Day!

Love you all!
Munazza Bangash


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