Hold On

I watched her as she hugged my picture frame to her heart. She looked so beautiful. With tears streaming down her face, and her lower lip quivering, she reminded me of myself, of all the times I cried for her. I used to cry, sob, pant, scream. She never listened. She never realized. And I kept it up. Just the same pace. Just the same way. Every day. Every week. Every month. My entire life.

My lips stretched into a painful smile. She looked so beautiful, just like always. She looked so vulnerable, just like always. She needed me so much—I chuckled at the irony—just like always.

“Please!” I heard her whisper, my picture still placed against her heart. “Please…”

I knelt in front of her. “I’m right here.”

“Please, please, be here. I need you.” Her eyes shut so tight it formed countless wrinkles all over her face. The tears never ceased to stop flowing.

Even now, it cut my heart. My entire life was spent saving her, and today I couldn’t do it. I wanted to hold her. To let her cry against my chest. To let her rant about how her date had bailed on her. How she had her heart broken. But I was no more…

I couldn’t help but whisper, “I love you.” But she never heard. Never. Not before, not now. Never.

The scene before my eyes reminded me of one a few days ago.

She had been crying her heart out in my car. I had picked her up from the bar after she got her heart broken once again.

“So, what now?” I had asked, my voice louder than usual.

“Don’t scream at me!” she said, her voice ordering, screaming, shouting; taking all her anger out on me.

“Why not?” I replied with as much venom in my voice. Not that I was angry at her. I was just tired. Tired of her dating various guys and getting her heart broken. I couldn’t bear tears in her eyes. I couldn’t see her like that.

“Please, no…” she whispered. “Not you.”

“Why not?” I asked, taking a sharp turn on the road towards her house. “You call me, practically once in every week at three in the morning to pick you up from a bar!”

“I know, I’m a pain. I know, okay?” By now she had stopped crying and was more focused on why I was angry.

Yes, you are. You make my heart break. You are a pain, a pain to my heart. Only because, I love you. But I couldn’t put these thoughts into words.

Getting no reply from me, she had continued, “Why do you come when I call you, practically once in every week at three in the morning to pick me up from the damn bar? Huh? Tell me!”

…..to read the rest, visit: Hold On  The newest addition to The Undying — Series. Hope you guys like the ending.

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Love you all!
Munazza Bangash


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