The Undying

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“This story delves right into a gripping tale of forbidden love and never lets up.  Short but full of anguish. It delivers a final twist at the end.” ~hrhsophia on smashwords.

“Ah, the tale of doomed love! Such an old, yet enduring concept. The tragedy of their love could easily be felt by the reader. Still, the emotions are there, and you can see that whatever has brought them together is strong.” ~DonaldWhite on Smashwords.

A short story series. Immortal love of the mortals. Stick through these unbelievably tragic endings of lovers in forbidden promises.

“Is it a sin to be different than the person you love?” — Sanford (The Heartless Winter)

“I slowly drifted to the calming silence that sheltered me from her heart-breaking grief.” — Calvin (Her Majesty)

“I’ll hold on forever…” — Him (Hold on)


Read series Undying.

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