Result (Desirable Purity Weekly Challenge WEEK 2)

weekly contest

*Drum rolls*

Week 2’s winner is:

Heretofore with 90% (I swear, she hasn’t payed me. 😛 Wow, girl! You won again!)

Week 2’s Runner-up is:
Daniel Evans with 75%

Marksheet: Poetry.

1. Heretofore: 83.5%
2. Daniel Evans: 75%
3. Wayne Bright: 70%
Winners are getting Promotion on Facebook page, MunazzaBangash’s message board, the book where all of it has been showcased and here.

If you want to take part in week 3, remember to submit your entries by the means that I mention in the week’s post here.


Remember one thing, Failure doesn’t mean that game is over, it means try again with experience.

Good luck for Week three!

~Munazza Bangash
Desirable Purity.


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