Week 2: Article/ Short Story/ Poem Challenge

weekly contest

Poetry: “Till life do us Apart.”
Article: “If I ran the world.”
Short Story: “It’s All In your Head.”

Last day of submission: 8th February 2014. Saturday.

Submission Process: (Remember to write your name when submitting your entry)

~WordPress: The process to submit your submission on WordPress is that you post it on your blog mentioning, “Desirable Purity Week ___ Contest Entry” and post the link in the comment box of the post of that week’s post, or link it to my profile.

~Wattpad: A PM will work for the submission. Just send you article along with your name through a PM.

~All the others: Email: MunazzaBangash@hotmail.com (DO NOT send it as an attachment, but copy paste it in the “message” and send it to me.)

For more information, visit: Desirable Purity’s Wattpad

Remember to share, guys! Let all of yours friends and family join so that you guys can have fun competing with each other.
Good luck!


9 thoughts on “Week 2: Article/ Short Story/ Poem Challenge

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    • I totally understand how a bad experience can affect the way we talk, walk, write. Oh, and sorry for asking your name twice; didn’t quite see your comment here. Thanks, and good luck!

      Munazza Bangash

    • You can see your entry Here The results will be announced in the same book, also on WordPress on: Click me Keep checking the page where your article has been showcased to see what comments people are giving to you. Also, share it to Facebook or other social networks so you can get the most support. In the judge’s panel, one more thing on which we’ll give you marks is the popularity your poem gains. Good luck!

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