weekly contest


*Drum rolls*

Week 1’s Winner is:
Kristina M. Serrano with 79%

(No runner-up for Article section. Runner ups need atleast 50%)

Marksheet: Article Writing.

1. Kristina M. Serrano: 79%
2. C. R. Fowler: 27%


*Drum rolls yet again*

Week 1’s winner is:

Heretofore with 83.5%

Week 1’s Runner-up is:
Dahlia Pimentel with 73%

Marksheet: Poetry.

1. Heretofore: 83.5%
2. Dahlia Pimentel: 73%
3. Donna L. Sadd: 72.5%
4. Charlotte: 67.5%
5. Michael C. Lam: 65%
6. P. L. Garcia: 52.5%

Winners are getting a follow from me (please comment below, dear, winners, so that I’d know who to follow), Promotion on Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Munazza Bangash’s Message Board, here and on the official book where all the entries are showcased. HERE.

If you want to take part in week 2, remember to submit your entries by the means that I mention at the start of each week’s book.
Each book will be posted HERE

P.S, short stories are added from week 2.

Remember one thing, defeat is not losing, it’s giving up. And victory is not winning, it’s how high you bounce after hitting the ground.

Good luck for Week two!

~Munazza Bangash
Desirable Purity.


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