Article And Poetry Contest

Hey! I’m holding a weekly article writing and poetry competition. If interested, let me know. All of you can enter.

Week 1:

Article topic: How you broke an old habit.

Poem topic: Emptiness.

Winner’s work will be promoted on my blog as well as on my Facebook page, also on my Wattpad page to almost 600 people.

Anyone can enter. Last date of submission is 30th January 2014.

The process to submit your submission on WordPress is that you post it on your blog mentioning, “Desirable Purity Article/Poetry Contest Entry” and post the link in the comment box. Do not forget to mention your name with the entry. (You can send it to my email too.

Remember to share, guys! Let all of yours friends and family join so that you guys can have fun competing with each other.

Good luck!


6 thoughts on “Article And Poetry Contest

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