A lesson…oops! Party pooper.

This will make you stand out just the way that yellow smiley. One day.

Hey guys! Today, I’m going to teach you a lesson. I know, I know, boring. Let’s put it this way; Hey guys! Today, I’m gonna tell you a story. Did I hear cheering? *Smiles* Lets begin.

Once upon a time, there lived a King. He was very brave and powerful. He used to fight battles and win all of them. Can you imagine? He won all the battles that he ever fought. Literally. That must really have boosted his pride. But, what happened once was something that devastated him, and made him think more deeply about his bravery. He lost a battle. A person, supposedly a king, who won every single battle in his life…lost a battle? That was the thought which kept him up all night.
The next morning, he decided. He was not going to let them win this time. He was going to fight them, and was going win. The battle begin. Swords met swords. Javelins met javelins. Blood shattered all over the battle field. But the king lost again.
He got up again. One more battle. One more loss. One more battle. One more lost. And then he sat down. The king’s kingdom was in danger. They were going to take King’s crown and his place if the King kept losing battles like that.
The King was losing his mind. He was scared. Bunched up in a corner, he had ordered all the servants to not disturb him. It was then when he saw something. A spider.

No. He did not become spider-man. *Rolls eyes*

But, however, the spider taught him a lesson that kept him going through thick and thin. The spider was climbing a wall, and it kept falling. It started the climb again, fell, tried, fell, tried, fell. It never stop from the climbing the wall. No matter how hurt. No matter how tired. Not matter how much hurried, it kept going. And the King got up. He had learnt.

No matter what, don’t give up. Keep going.

That was the lesson. Oops, story. But, guys, don’t you see? It’s a life long lesson. (Triple L; Life Long Lesson.). Learn. Act upon it. You’d never regret. Just, never give up on anything.

There will be a moment in your life when you’d think that it’s enough. That you can’t take it anymore. But, never give up when you have the strength to try. Never let go, when you can’t live without them. Never do something that you know, you’d regret later.

Peeps, you all know J. K. Rowling; the author of the famous series, Harry Potter. She was rejected by twelve publishing houses before her first Potter was accepted by a minor publisher. I mean, twelve publishers. I would have been broken. But, that woman. Damn! She never gave up. Kudos!

Okay, let her be. Coca-cola. Who doesn’t know about it? Believe it or not, Coca-Cola only sold twenty-five bottles the first year, but kept going. Never gave up.

Isn’t it obvious where a strong will can take us? So, strengthen your will power. Believe in yourself. Grab a path that leads to your destiny, and no matter what; keep going. And yeah, remember, never give up.

Munazza Bangash.


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