Lakeview Manor


Xavier must decide who to trust and which side he is on because only one will emerge victorious as only the strongest survive at Lakeview Manor…

Lakeview Manor — TekkenFan

This is book is about a titan. A quiet, telekinetic titan living amongst the human beings. But his life changes completely when he is invited to attend a Titan gathering at Lakeview Manor…only the strongest one survives there. And all Xavier is called is The Weak One…

I liked the starting as it was hooking. I also liked the use of wide vocabulary.
It got really interesting from chapter five. The author hasn’t updated yet, and I think, I’m getting eager to read more.

But, sadly, that didn’t happen till I got to chapter five. Before that, it was interesting, but it didn’t keep me up all night to finish the chapter and to turn that page. But, I’ll give the author this that after reading chapter five, I wished that there was more.

My favorite character was Rachel. I don’t know, she just screams interesting. Good job there. Blaine also seemed interesting, a nice twist you can create there. *Winks*

But, “I’m a Titan” wasn’t really a good entry. I think, it should be at the end of the prologue or maybe in chapter 1, having people to wonder more as to what he really is.
Description is good, but too much information about every single thing bores the reader.
Now for the dreaded part. Second chapter seems seen. Harry potter it is. It just screamed harry potter the way it played out. Third chapter…still the same. 3rd floor banned? Well, I have read that somewhere. I’m sure, you didn’t copy…but others will think that you did.
There were rear breaks. Like, change of topic in a snap. That made it not to flow from chapter 3.

All in all, ignoring those little flaws, it was great. I surely will continue reading the book, and recommend this to every reader out there. I will also compare this book to Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling. So, you can guess how great this book can turn out for you. Just give it a chance. Up a few chapters as you go, you’ll be hooked.

8/10 [click the cover to read]


Until next review, stay tuned!

Munazza Bangash!


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