Mellifluous Reviews — I Quattro Punti Cardinali


“I like loneliness. It means independence to me… Furthermore, trees are a better company than great part of people from this village in which certainly, I’m not living.”

I Quattro Punti Cardinali — BitxiBitxina

I Quattro Punti Cardinali is about four teenagers living in an odd village. Family tragedies, impossible loves, infinite friendships, old rivalries, unforgivable betrayals and dark secrets is what you’ll find inside. Betrayed by her parents in the early age, all Virginia wants is to get out of the village where they’d left her. This is the first book reviewed; Trees And Rain.

What I liked about the book was that it has potential. A little more hard word and a little more knowledge about writing fiction can make this, well, a great novel to read.

But, I hate to say that it didn’t work for me. Being the lousy and picky reader that all of you have been learned to get along with, I stopped at chapter two. But, it’s totally me. I’m a picky reader. I like reading perfection. And all of us know that the books reviewed here are by the authors that are learning the art of writing… so, I’m sorry for my lack of patience.

To the author:

There were bumps, downfalls. Like, grammatical errors, punctuation, unnecessary use of commas. A little work on that, or a good editor with enough time to tell you what you’re doing wrong will be great.

Suggestions: Prologue, though gave a wider view of the character, was confusing till I read the first chapter. In short, it didn’t really make me go all eager-to-turn-the-page, but I turned for the sake of the review. Work on it harder. Make it better. Make me wanna turn that page.
First chapter was nothing but informative. It seemed so messed up; so much information was thrown right at my face. It kinda made me want to close the book. I suggest, it should be shown in flashbacks. Start the book with Action. Starting with information is not my thing. I’m not being rude, just brutally honest like I suggested before you turned up asking for a review. Really, your book has potential, you just have to work a little more on it.
Italicize it instead of using “<>”.
Inverted commas should be used for dialogs only.
Thoughts should be italicized.
Describing one’s self in the mirror by the reflection is not a good idea anymore since it’s over used so much.
Lastly, don’t use “who” in place of ” whom”

This wasn’t for you to lose faith in your novel. Just a little more work would help it in getting better. Hope to read this novel one day with a lot of improvement, because I know that you can do it.

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Till next week… Take care!

Munazza Bangash!


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