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Coming Home — S. W. Blayde

Coming Home is about a man; Jim Herolin, who loses the only girl he ever loved when his father is transferred to another state. His life spirals downward from that point on, until he returns to his home town for his high school reunion.

Though, Jim was the main character, my favorite one was the character of Candice, or Candy as he used to call her. She was the girl that Jim ever loved. The scars on their faces, and the originality they delivered showed how real the characters were. These are the kind of characters, you see in real life. So Kudos to S. W. Blayde for creating them. In just seven-fifty  words, he made these characters so loveable. Kudos.
Though, it is only a one page story, my favorite part was when Jim visited his house, and the way he collapsed onto the floor with an outburst emotions. It broke my heart.What I disliked was that it was just seven-fifty words long. Just a page of that amazing story. But it wasn’t S. W. Blayde’s mistake. The story was written for a magazine which limited him to it. Yet again, it impressed me how a person can deliver such a great story in such few words.

Not restricting anyone with age, sex or race, I would recommend this short story by S. W. Blayde to every single one of you. You will not regret reading it, believe me.

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