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Welcome back everyone.
This day I am interviewing Wattpad’s @unconcious_   aka  Nishita, who is famous for her series “Living with the Bentely Boys”, “Living with Noah Parker”  and “The Triple A” books.
Read them here:
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We had to wait some time before she could turn up. But, it was worth it.
I: Hi,
    This is Dhakshitha from “Break With Dhaks”
     It is a pleasure to have you here. Shall we proceed our interview, or is there something you need to say?
Author: Hey there, I’m sorry for being late, aha! and yeah of course, continue! x
I: So, could you tell us something about you?
Author: My names Nishita, I live in London but I’m Indian 🙂
I: You have a cute name 🙂 Any nicknames or any name preferences or pen name, dear?
Author: aw thank you, aha! and most people just go with Nish! x
I: I think even I shall stick to it.
When where you born?
Author: On the 7th of April 1997!
I: From how long have you been staying in London, Nish?
Author: I’ve always lived in London!
I: Oh my! Does that mean you have never visited India?
Author:  I have, I go once every 4 years 🙂
I: What are the places you have visited in India, and the places you wish to visit?
Author: I’ve been to Mumbai to see Family, and I’d probably want to go and see the Taj Mahal 🙂
I: Aha, the epitome of love. Do you believe in the concept of “Soulmates”? Have you found yours?
Author: Ahaha, I am a hopeless romantic! Hmm, I’m not too sure, I do like to believe in Fate though and that everything happens for a reason, and I’m not sure yet, only time will tell 😉
I: Will you describe the characteristics you want in your “Soul mate?”
Author: Hmm, definitely some the complete opposite me. He would have to be confident, not arrogant, but confident with what he does and says, etc, he would have to have a sense of humor ahah and just an all-round sweet and caring person 🙂
I: Well, like opposites attract? Is this the “basis” for your stories also?
Author: Haha exactly that!
No, my stories are all to do with life lessons, the only one really based on love, is ‘An Unlikely Love story’.
I: What life lessons do you mostly focus on?
Author: A variety of things to be honest, Living with Noah Parker is about vulnerability and trust, Living with the Bentley Boys focus’ on everything  a teenager could ever go through, eat disorders, mental disorders, family problems, relationships, love, trust, etc
I: That is great! Do you plan to make it into publishing field?
Author: Nope, I write for fun and that’s all, besides I want to do paediatric Psychology or something medical related 🙂
I: So, you are the next going to be doctor? All the best in that! Care to show us the place where you write?
Author: Ahahaha fingers crossed!
I just write on my computer 🙂
I: What are your other talents, or hobbies, Nish?
Author: Hobbies, hmm, socialising with friends aha, swimming and shopping 🙂
I: What brands do you usually shop?
Author: Topshop, New Look, Rebuplic and Asos 🙂
I: What are your prized possessions, that you never want to lose?
Author: My Family and friends and everyone I love 🙂
I: Are you a morning person?
Author: Hell no! Especially not at 6 in the morning! 😛
I: Lets have a round of favourite questions, shall we?

Author: Course!

Fav book?   Lock and Key or That Summer by Sarah Dessen!
Fav author? Sarah Dessen or Anne Cassidy 🙂
Fav dress style?  Hhaha dresses with a black blazer, definitely 🙂
Fav pet? I’m afraid of animals pahaha, so none!
I: Okay, lets have some random questions.Tell us the secret behind your long hair!
Author:  I’ve just always wanted to have really long hair! I go for regular trims and try not to use too much heat, but that’s about it!
I: Which character would you like the most in all your stories, and why?
Author: Hmm, Meghan from living with Noah Parker because she reflects my personality a lot – she keeps fighting until the end and tries to look on the positive side of everything until it gets too much for her 🙂
I: Which shows do you watch besides “Teen Wolf”?
Author: hahaha, how do you know I watch Teen Wolf? I watch Pretty Little Liars, Freinds, Drake and Josh, The Big Bang Theory, 90210 and I’m just getting into Vampire Diaries!
I: Maybe I am your stalker? What do you love about “Colton Haynes”?
Author: LOL! Oh my god, his face, his bad boy character in Teen Wolf, everything xD
I: Last and final question to end this beautiful interview with :
Do you think you would be interested to know me in person? (Just kidding) So, any message you would like to give to your fans?

Author: Aahahah, of course I’d like to know you, you sound lovely! And to my fans, I absolutely love you guys, I know every writer on here says the same thing, but it’s incredible at the amount of feedback I get from you guys, and I know sometimes it takes me ages to upload, but it’s your support and motivation that keeps me going, so thank you, thank you, thank you ❤

I: Are there any links do that the readers can get in contact with you, Nish?
Author: There’s always my e-mail address 🙂 x   and its nishitashah1997@hotmail.co.uk
[My facebook is too personal for me to give out, unless I’m really really good friends with them!]
I: Okay! We respect your privacy.Thanks a lot for answering all the questions. Hope, I didn’t bore you.
Author: Of course not. Thankyou so much for the interview!
There it is guys, some things you never knew about your favourite author. Make sure to tell her you have read her interview. Write on her wall, and even better send her an e-mail!
You can always contact me also *Winking*
See you all soon!
Source: Online Chat between the author and interviewer.
Interviewer: Dhakshitha aka Dhaks

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