Wattpad Author — Munazza Bangash

Welcome to the first episode of “Break with Dhaks” – The Exclusive Interviews
For this week, we have here author, Munnaza Bangash aka Desirable Purity, who is a hit among the wattpad users with her story, Dreams.
ImageName: Munazza Bangash
Username: DesirablePurity.
Date of birth: 1st November 1995
Location: Pakistan.
Favorite Project: Undying series.
Click the pic for her Wattpad profile.
Without any more delay, I take you into the inner life of this great author.

Me: I hope you don’t mind if I take the next few minutes of your time. Was there something you had planned for during this time?

Author:  Not really. I had discarded everything that I was about to do for this interview. What I was about to do included, editing a short story that I’ve just written.
Me: So, are you that kind of author who likes being interviewed?
Author: Guilty as charged. *Chuckles*. Not much though. But, I do like being interviewed. Who doesn’t like being under a spotlight?
Me: Why choose this platform of all, if you truly liked being in spotlight? Considering the obstacles an author has to face, it is a hard process, isn’t it?
Author: I quote, “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”
I did have other choices to be under the spotlight. But, it’s not exactly about the spotlight. It’s about expressing yourself with words. It’s about what you love. And it’s about what your family allows you to do. *Sighs at the last one*. But, I’m glad that my family supports my writing. It helps me, my writing, through think and thin, and I’m not just saying that.
Me: Where there any restrictions for you or  something that you were never allowed to do?
Author :The only thing that I would like to mention here would be my passion for singing. I’ve always wanted to do that. But, alas…
Our guest had requested to divert the questions, but I couldn’t help not asking her another personal question.
Me: Sure, as you wish,but if you don’t mind me saying, your name intrigues me. Any special meaning or reason behind it?
Author : *Smiles* Thanks! My name means Purity. It’s an Arabic word.
Me: *Smiles too*  That explains the word “Purity”. What about “desirable” ?
Author: Desire is the meaning to my nick name, Mona. There it is !
Me: Now, Miss. Purity, you had mentioned in your previous interview, that your first work was on fantasy, black magic, and matter of speaking even your favourite happens to be a book from fantasy genre, Harry Potter. Is there then any specific reason for you to shift your writing to “romance” genre?
Author: Fantasy is enjoyable to read, but it’s unreal. Romance, on the other hand, is the most felt emotion. Romance isn’t just between a girl and a boy. It can include anyone. And you must have noticed that most of my books are, romance or not, tragedies. And you know, when life gives you lemons, you write stories about them. *Laughs*
Me: Interesting answer.
Carrying on to another one –  Your works here are fan fictions on 1D. Are you one of those direction-er who worships the land they walk on?
Author: *Gasps* A big No. *Laughs* I like their songs, sure, but I don’t even know where in the Earth they are right now. I like them. They are funny, and that’s the biggest reason for my liking towards them. I thought it would be great to practice through writing Fan Fictions, and they were my favourite when I started, so yeah..
Me: What is your all time favourite song then?
Author: My all time favourite song would be Please Don’t Stop The Rain by James Morrison. I have no idea why. *Shrugs*
Me: I thought it would be one by 1D, surprise, surprise !
Miss.Purity, care to show your pretty face, to all your eager readers?
Author: Perhaps, one day, I will, when my book becomes best-seller. *Winks.*
Me: *Assuring smile* I am sure your readers would pray that day to come soon.
So,what are your strengths in writing, and what don’t you feel comfortable in writing?
Author: Emotions; my strength. It’s not my talent, it’s my character’s talent to feel so deeply that it takes me down with it too. Does that make any sense?
Haven’t come across something that I’d be uncomfortable to write. Hope I never do.
Me: Lets have a rapid fire shot?
Author: Of course!
Favourite food?  –  Does chocolate count?
Favourite tourist spot?  –  The northern Areas of my country.
Me: The last and final question: Do you believe in true love?
Author: Yes. I do. The first true love is with God. The second true love with your mother. Third; your family, including your husband and children. I believe that true love with a man is only felt after you’re married. It’s just what I believe in. So, yeah, I believe in true love. A lot, actually.
Me: Finally Miss.Purity,the bumper question to end this interview with : What is your message to other writers?
Author: Well, my message to all the writers is that don’t write for fame. Don’t write for money. Write for the love of writing. Write, because you can’t live without writing you hearts out. And never back down! *Winks*
Me: Thank you so much for spending your valuable time and answering these for your readers.  Maybe we could catch up later on?
Author: Sure, I’d love that. Thanks a lot for having me. 🙂
There you go guys, some of the truths of this author are in the lime-spot. Make sure to drop in your comments into her message board, and let her know you have read it.
Until the next interview! Try not to miss me much.
*Waving Vigorously*
Source: Online Chat between the author and the interviewer.
Interviewer: Dhakshitha aka Dhaks

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